EU Fulfilment Service Provider for CE-marked products (FSP)

In 2020, the European Union institutions have adopted a Regulation 2019/1020/EU that intends to strengthen market surveillance in the European Union. The Regulation prohibits sales from outside the European Union directly to end-users in the EU Member States. Such sales are only allowed if the exporter has a subsidiary office in the EU, works through importers, has an authorized representative or ‘responsible person for CE-marked products’, or uses a fulfilment service provider. The Regulation came into force from July 16, 2021. After this date, CE marked products will not be sold in Europe without an EU Fulfilment Service Provider

Who can be an EU Fulfilment Service Provider ?

The Fulfilment Service Provider is a natural or legal person resident in the EU, that is appointed to communicate with the market surveillance authorities of the EU Member States in which CE-marked products are sold. This person is not a sales representative or distributor. S/he will also not take over your product liability. The Responsible Person’s role is primarily to be a single point of contact for the authorities, and to communicate on your behalf about questions related to regulatory conformity and CE compliance. For that reason, you are best served with a person that is an expert on CE marking and the CE marking regulations, standards, and approval procedures.

DUTIES of EU Fulfilment Service Provider

Duties of EU Responsible Person are defined in Guidelines for economic operators and market surveillance authorities on the practical implementation of Article 4 of Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 on market surveillance and compliance of products:

  • Keep the EU Declaration of Conformity (or Declaration of Performance) and ensure that additional documents demonstrating the conformity of the product with EU regulations can be made available by the manufacturer or brand owner upon request in a language understandable to the authorities.
  • Notify the authorities of any risk associated with the product.
  • Cooperate with market surveillance authorities, including ensuring that the manufacturer or brand owner takes the necessary corrective action to address any product nonconformity.

Who needs an EU Fulfilment Service Provider ?

The first step is to confirm that your products are subject to CE-marking legislation. Common examples of products that are required to be CE-marked include toys, electronics, personal protective equipment, machinery, construction products, gas appliances, recreational and personal watercraft, pressure vessels, and measuring equipment.
All CE-marked products are covered by this rule except for medical devices, explosives for civil uses, and certain lifts and cableway installations. If you are unsure whether the products you sell are required to be CE-marked or not, contact us to investigate further.

OUR price for EU Fulfilment Service Provider service

500 EUR
per annum

 FOR ALL CE marking PRoducts

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