Authorized Representative FOR SOME CE MARKING DIRECTIVES

 The CE marking is placed on products after compliance with all applicable EU CE marking Directives. Some typical examples of CE marking Directives that need technical documentation for regulatory affairs of market:

 The option for the appointing of an Authorized Representative is available in all of the above indicated CE marking Directives, but it is not the same for each, and whether it is required can also be dependent upon the compliance of the product to requirements. We may investigate and summarize these requirements for the above EU laws together with you.

Functions of ar in the EU

 The most important function of an authorized representative in the EU is to represent the interests of a foreign manufacturer in interaction with regulatory authorities and authorities in the European Union in case of questions regarding the safety and consumer qualities of products and their compliance with EU directives. Thus, an authorized representative must be reachable by the contact details indicated in the declaration, and be able to provide regulatory authorities with technical documentation and information regarding the compliance of products with quality standards as soon as possible.
  • Obtaining a quality assessment on behalf of the manufacturer, obtaining technical documentation and test reports and expert assessments provided by products and notified by EU laboratories
  • Storage of technical documentation for at least 10 years, even in the event of termination of cooperation
  • Finding the interests of manufacturers in the EU in case of questions from national authorities, regulatory authorities regarding the safety and harmlessness of products, and its compliance with EU directives
  • Representing the interests of the manufacturer in the investigation of consumer connections
  • Informing the manufacturer about changes in parameters and EU directives relevant to the product
  • Informing consumers about the technical and consumer properties of the product
  • Participation in the procedure for withdrawing goods from the market by decision of supervisory authorities or manufacturers


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